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A Promise That Bears Honour

A Rocky Mountain adventure story, when wilderness and man collide, retribution can ensue for generations!

by Dennis Dilts & Frank McIntyre.
"Self-published" in conjunction with Higher Path Print & Production.

ISBN - 978-1-926784-52-6

A Promise That Bears Honour

Back cover blurb:

The tale of a grizzly bear whose character is molded and shaped by a changing environment while trying to live out a natural life in the mountains. It is also the story of a returning World War II pilot who becomes a keeper of a sworn oath that he is honour bound to uphold. When the bear and the man's trails cross, it ignites conflict that spans generations. Along with the challenges of a wilderness lifestyle, the resultant adventures create a high level of suspense. Set in the wild and beautiful East Kootenays of the Southern Canadian Rockies, this story is an action filled account of the duty that ties us to our families and our friends. It is a reminder of just what it takes, sometimes, to fulfill a promise.

"Fast paced, real page turner, full of surprises. A book you cannot put down." Betty Sinclair, former librarian, Grasmere, B.C., Wife of author, Roy Sinclair

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