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Our Products - Books and Videos

All of our video courses and many of our cookbooks (PDF versions) can be found on our new website: BodyMindHealthCoach.com

Cookbooks, Health DVD's, and much more - download our product catalog HERE!

For physical products note: LIMITED TIME - We will no longer be producing physical DVD's and books by the end of 2017 so order now! FREE shipping over $99 to the USA and Canada!

Two ways to order/pay:

1. Simply fill in the order form and mail to us with your check/money order


2. Email your order and we will invoice you via Paypal (you don't need a Paypal account to pay with Paypal) or you can send an e-transfer to: angela@higherpath.ca

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BOOKS self-published through Higher Path:

A Promise That Bears Honour

Birds Bring Messages to MIllie

Children's Book of Animal Poems

Winny Ninny Poo Poo


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