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Producing materials to give you complete health - body, mind & soul!

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About Us

We specialize in video production and supplmental materials relating to health and wellness. Dedicated to helping others live healthier, happier lives and to helping other share that same message. Higher Path Print & Production (formerly Sette Publishing as seen on 3ABN) and is a member of ASI.

We are a Christian family located in the beautiful & peaceful East Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada. Angela Poch, Director, and Jim Poch, Co-director along with their son Jordan. Angela's father is a retired truck driver, equipment operator, and volunteers on camera and for all manner of manual labor and help!

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Our Mission Statement:

To produce and distribute materials, or help others do so too, that promote good mental and physical health which will draw people to Christ by meeting their needs.

The "Higher Path" symbolizes the narrow way as well as looking up to see the way our Savor leads us. We all need to "look up and live", walk the narrow way, and let Jesus lead on the path of life.

Angela's Bio:

What do welding, scrap-booking, baking dessert, re-hauling an engine, training horses, writing cookbooks, dirt biking, sewing cloths, reading books, using a blow torch in the kitchen, nutritional counseling college diploma, business certificate, video production, wedding photography, and making quilts have in common? ME.

I've done all these things either once or many times in my life and enjoyed each one of them. I have NEVER fit into any "mold' so to speak. I am a tom boy, country girl, who loves the environment but whose family works in the logging industry, who cares deeply about animals but still uses leather. Life is complicated.

I believe in doing my part to make the world a better place, balancing work and family, eating healthy, exercise, avoiding harmful things, and self-control of emotions and wrong thoughts. BUT I also believe in having fun, eating occasional sweets (LOVE chocolate), and expressing your opinions honestly. We don't have to be extreme to make a difference and we don't have to give up everything to impact our world! But we do have to chose because we really can't have EVERYTHING.

Angela Poch

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