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Hello, We've made some BIG changes over the past year. Higher Path Print & Production is now Higher Path - Body Mind Health. 

We now focus solely on creating health materials and offering services to improve health and wellness. We believe in a whole health approach, which includes mental wellness, because it not only affects our physical health but we should enjoy life to its fullest. With health coaching, counselling, and education we can help you get where you want to be!

Visit our main website - Body Mind Health Coach where you can get free cookbooks, health courses, and much more.


Videos, Cookbooks & Health Products

Through online video courses, based on plant based cooking and scientific research on optimal health and longevity, as well as offer coaching services, we are here to serve your needs. We also have plant based (vegan) cookbooks, books and brochures on health, all free just sign up under "Free Stuff". 

Take the higher path of wholeness and wellness today!  

NOTE: We no longer offer physical products such as our cookbooks, DVD's, or Gospel Creation products. We also no longer offer video production.  For low cost printing (until 2020) email angela@higherpath.ca

Previously we were Sette Publishing and was founded in 2004. We've gone through 2 name changes as our ministry/business evolved to meet the needs we found we could address.


Other websites we have:

Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School - free recipes and more.

Bible Health 4 U - What the Bible says about health.

SDA Personal Ministries - sorry website gone due to lack of funds and time. Some of the content is on Bible Health 4 U & Body Mind Health Coach websites.


Other sites we host:

Total Health School of Nutrition - Get a diploma in Nutrition from a plant based diet.

Gospel Creation - Learn more about what nature says about your health and God.

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